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Smart working

Reduce costs by implementing an intelligent booking system for workplaces and meeting rooms in your office


Smart Working is an intelligent SaaS system for employees to book workplaces and meeting rooms in a company office, which allows managers to organize an efficient flexible office and reduce costs.
For managers
Effective implementation of a hybrid mode of operation, improving the sanitary safety of the workspace, building project teams and reducing office costs.
For employees
Software for booking workplaces and meeting rooms on a plan of your company's office available from a smartphone.
Hybrid Mode
A mode of work in which employees work both remotely and in the office

Up to 30%
Reducing office space
While maintaining the number of personnel
Up to 40%
Increasing the number of personnel
While maintaining office space


Схема офиса в системе бронирования для смартфона
Booking system
Employees can create and modify their bookings from their smartphone. Creation of project teams is possible thanks to the group booking function. If necessary, only places that meet the requirements of social distancing can remain available for booking.
Integration and Consulting
Our experts will help you implement the system, as well as provide recommendations for the optimal use of office space.
Flexible configuration and updates
Our system grows and develops together with our customers, so we will not only customize it to your wishes, but will also supplement it with new functions in the future.
Hardware (optional)
In addition to our software, we can offer you special equipment - beacons for authorization at the workplace and screens with the schedule of meeting rooms. This will allow you to use office space even more efficiently.
Схема офиса в системе бронирования для смартфона

Smart Working Advantages

Desks and meeting rooms booking
Convenient organization of non-fixed workplaces
Complete in-house development
Cloud or on-premise hosting
Active Directory Integration
Software updates and technical support included
Non-fixed workplace
A workplace that is used by several employees of the company at different times


Set parameters and find out how much you can save with Smart Working, taking into account the cost of connecting your office to our system
Reducing space
Increasing personnel
How does Smart Working system work?
You choose which seats in the office can be booked. Now some of your employees can work using a hybrid work schedule and come to the office when they really need it or when they want to work in it.
What is it for?
It's easier to use a hybrid office this way. You do not need to think about organizing the work of employees and it becomes easier to control their presence in the office. Our system helps to organize work processes, distribute the workload on the office evenly and make it even more efficient.
What is a hybrid office?
In such an office you do not need to work every day from 9 am to 6 pm. Employees decide for themselves when to come or agree on this in advance with the management. At the same time, some of the employees lose their attachment to one workplace, but in return they receive any free space in the office. To avoid chaos, a workplace booking system is installed in the office.
What is a hybrid office for?
To improve labor efficiency. Many employees do not require a constant presence in the office to complete their tasks, and their productivity can be higher when working from home or elsewhere. The office remains an important part of effective work, but its role is shifting. This has been happening for some time, but the COVID-19 epidemic has accelerated the transformation of the office.
How will Smart Working improve my office?
We use interactive maps that make it easy to navigate inside the office and find a suitable place to work. At the same time, desk booking will not overload the office: an employee can find out in advance whether he will be able to get a workplace at the time and date specified by him, and the manager will be able to track this.

Managers do not need to call employees - they just need to create a reservation in the system and invite those people they need, at the time that they need, and to those seats that are suitable. The system will take care of the rest.
How hybrid mode will affect my office?
Fewer people will be in the office at a time. At the same time, the work schedule can be extended, for example: if earlier employees had to visit the office every working day from 9 to 18, now they can do this on different days, and the possible time of the employee's presence extends to the opening hours of the office itself. This approach increases productivity while reducing operating costs.

In turn, leaders remain in control — they can gather people at the time and place that suits them. Flexible system settings will help you track such workflows and easily scale them. For example, with hybrid schedule, Ivan must contact Michael, George and Anna and decide when they will come to the office. Already in the office itself, they need to find suitable vacant places. It is not necessary to do this with our system, Ivan will immediately see at what time and where he can sit with his team for work, without interfering with any of his colleagues.

On the administrative side, now the office can be reorganized, for example, to reduce the number of workplaces, but to increase the working space for each individual employee. You can also hire more employees without changing the office space. When fully loaded, you can increase your staff by an average of 30%.
What else can bambook offer?
In addition to installing and maintaining the system, we can offer our expertise in office reorganization. Our team has been creating efficient workspace projects for over 20 years. We understand how complex and sensitive offices are, but we believe in the idea that each one can be efficient and enjoyable to work in.
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